Baby on Hold
A Division of Life-on-Hold Enterprises

The Science and Technology of Applied Fetal Cryogenics

   The Science of fetal cryogenics is a mix of cutting-edge trermocapacitance and traditional medicine. Fetuses on hold are bathed in a proprietary blend of vitamins, hormones, and herbs that preserve the fetus indefinitely. ISO 9001 certified with triple redundancy our cryogenic storage facility is the safest and most advanced in the world. A sixty day reserve supply of liquid Helium and Nitrogen is kept on site at all times. Two banks of independent backup power generators are located on opposite sides of the complex, each with a thirty day supply of diesel fuel. In the unlikely event of a complete power and cooling failure it would still take an estimated 13 days of thawing before any of the stored fetuses would be damaged.

Installation of the auxiliary themrocapacitance unit proceeds without incident.
No embryo is too small for cryogenic storage. The essential elements of the blend are kept apart until the last instant before freezing.
Portable cooling and storage units are readily available when fetuses must be moved or tested.
The prepared fetus is slowly thawed over a period of 12 of 48 hours depending on mass.

One of eight banks of liquid nitrogen and helium tanks that maintain the required temperatures.
The defrosting process of auxiliary heat exchanger "A" takes place every evening.

Thermal technicians connect a new set of storage tanks to the cooling grid.
The actual storage tanks are custom fit to the fetus and triple-walled for ultimate protection.


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