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Pricing Structure

While each situation is unique we have devised a scale to rate the difficulty and price of each procedure. A Grade A procedure is one in which the fetus is very young and the womb and mother are healthy. These procedures can be performed as an out-patient basis and are the least expensive we offer. A Grade B procedure is one in which either the fetus is larger (old) or the health of the mother will require a greater degree of scrutiny than can be done in an office and must be completed in a hospital environment. A Grade C procedure is one where both the fetus is large and the health of the mother or womb is such that further specialists will be required during the surgery.

In addition to the difficulty of the surgery, the length of time the fetus will be stored also figures in to the price.

Customers with good credit (FICO Scores greater than 700) can finance all or part of the procedures and storage fees. Customers without this credit will be required to pay in full before the procedure is performed. Additional storage fees will be billed 3 to 6 months in advance. The Fetus-Tag number MUST be written in the memo field of all checks.

  Grade A Grade B Grade C
1 Year of Storage $5099 $8499 $11,999
2 Years of Storage $6099 $9999 $13,999
3 Years of Storage $7099 $11,599 $15,599
4 to 5 Years Storage $8399 $13,999 $17,999
Extended / Indefinite $12,999 $18,999 $22,999
All storage charges after the expiration of your plan are billed at the cost of $3,999 per year.
Repeat Customer Discount - 2nd Fetus at 20% reduced rate. 3rd or more at 30% off.

   Reintroduction to the womb is a delicate surgery performed after a three month hormonal treatment. The costs below are the current charges for this procedure. These prices may go down over time, but you will never be charged more than the guidelines below.

Grade A Grade B Grade C
$3199 $5899 $8999
Assumes reintroduction of fetus to the healthy biological mother only.

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