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Baby on Hold National Headquarters - La Jolla, California

   About Us

   Baby on Hold is a division of Life-on-Hold Enterprises, a privately held company founded in 1989. Through the early 1990's Life-on-Hold researchers began the long and difficult processes of cryogenically freezing and reanimating fetal dogs, cats, pigs, and cows. In 1998 after a year of successful freezing and unfreezing endeavors Life-on-Hold's petition to the FDA to experiment with freezing and unfreezing of great apes was accepted. For the next two years over 86% of experiments led to a successful pause and healthy birth 6 to 18 months later. The later experiments were further tweaked to an acceptable 92.1% success rate, with fetal losses limited to the same number expected had the births not been interrupted.

    In 2002, with complete FDA approval, Baby on Hold was created to be the corporate wing of Life-on-Hold research. Baby on Hold began the cryogenic freezing and storage of human fetuses. Due to the nature and sensitivity of the work on hand the cryogenic storage facilities were moved from the corporate headquarters in La Jolla, California to a non-disclosed, non-branded facility elsewhere in the United States. Baby on Hold's first clients came from word-of-mouth encounters between curious mothers and company researchers. Over two dozen births were successfully put on hold during the first year of Baby on Hold's practice. The following year saw this number quadruple. In 2005 with an established safety record it was agreed Baby on Hold would offer its services to the public. Once the exclusive resource of Southern California's elite medical crowd, Baby on Hold is now available to all expecting mothers across the United States.

    All use of Baby on Hold services begin with a consultation at our offices or, where demand allows, a local satellite office around the country. Our top surgeons and medical staff personally evaluate each and every case. The health of the mother is paramount in the staff's decision on whether Baby on Hold services can be rendered. If you are interested in more information please contact us. The safest time a fetus can be retrieved and cryogenically stored is when it has reached the 8th to 24th weeks of pregnancy. Later procedures are possible, up to and including the final days of pregnancy, but the physical stress on the mother and greater complexity in storage of the fetus raise the cost substantially.

    Life-on-Hold researchers have successfully frozen and restored young newborns (both canine and monkey) as old as 12 weeks without any sign of developmental problems with the same success as pre-birth procedures. However due to possible ethical and legal issues no experiments with human newborns can be performed at this time. Nevertheless we are confident that one day we will be able to offer post-birth options for the mother who wants to keep her baby but is not quite ready for the challenges of motherhood. Therefore we implore you to take the first steps in obtaining our services as early into the pregnancy as possible.


   Life-on-Hold is a privately held company of both American and Foreign investors. Our stock is not publicly traded and the company is sufficiently funded that we are not accepting any more investments at this time.  

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